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Convert JPG to flash image slideshow with free software

Being an important image format, JPG is very popular and known to us. And because JPG takes small space and is easy to be compressed, this format is used very often in image storing and transition. Although JPG has its advantages, it might reduce the image quality when it is compressed (too small compressing ratio, sharp contrast, pure color with simple feature).


Regardless of the space an image will take, some people would prefer PNG or other forms than JPG, yet there are solutions to keep image quality with JPG, though it might take more space, but it will be more interesting. Here with OnGet Flash Image Maker, you will be able to convert JPG to flash which is like a flash image gallery (SWF format).

OnGet Flash Image Maker

OnGet Flash Image Maker

Then how does OnGet Flash Image Maker work? Well, it’s rather easy. Firstly, after you launch this free software, you can choose the convert mode. This program provides three convert modes for you to choose: Batch convert mode, hot directories mode and command line mode. Batch convert mode will allow you to batch convert multiple JPGs to flash. Hot directories mode will let you to monitor the output directories, which means when the JPG is added, it will be converted to flash and sent to the output directory automatically. Command line mode will enable you to complete the conversion with command line processing code.


OnGet Flash Image Maker

3 convert modes

After you choose the convert mode, you can add JPGs to the file box and with a click on the « Convert » button, the images will be converted to flash images within minutes.


If you want to create 3D flash page flip gallery, you can try the page flip program.

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